Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine

We treat a wide range of non-surgical orthopedic issues, so you can be seen for anything from osteoarthritis to sprains and strains to fractures.

In sports medicine, we can handle all of your non-surgical sports medicine issues, such as osteoarthritis, sprains and strains, and fractures. In addition, our team provides support to area high schools and colleges with athletic trainer and physician coverage.

Our Services

Our fracture care includes the option of waterproof casting material. We are fully stocked with splints, slings, braces, crutches, and walking boots.

We also perform soft-tissue and joint injections, including ultrasound-guided injections and hyaluronan (Synvisc, Supartz, Orthovisc) and viscosupplements for knee osteoarthritis.

Working Together

Our comprehensive treatment of non-surgical orthopedic conditions allows patients to be seen in one location for a variety of issues. Everything from imaging to rehabilitation is available at The Center. We work with X-ray and musculoskeletal radiologists at Memorial Hospital on a daily basis. In addition, our sports injury doctors work with physical therapy to accommodate patients and pain management to help control our patients’ pain.

Why Choose Us

By focusing on patient education, we help ensure that you understand your diagnosis and what treatment options are available. We’ll also review your imaging tests and provide additional materials to help you make the best choice for your care.

Our Team

The Sports Medicine group includes team physician Dr. Michael Hughes and a group of certified athletic trainers. They evaluate athletic injuries and help get patients the treatment and rehabilitation they need.

Dr. Michael Hughes is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon who serves as the head team physician and medical director for Lindenwood University – Belleville and an assistant team physician for McKendree University. Dr. Hughes completed fellowship certification in sports medicine and completed an American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine (AOSSM) fellowship at Washington University. While at Washington University, he was able to participate in the care of the St. Louis Rams and St. Louis Blues. Dr. Hughes also proudly serves as the head team physician for Belleville West High School.


If your insurance requires it, please ask your doctor to refer you to The Orthopedic and Neurosciences Center. Self-referrals are also welcome in Sports Medicine.

To schedule appointments with The Center’s physicians, call (618) 767-7000. Call between 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday, and The Center’s team can match you with the physician you should see for your condition.