Dr. Michael Hughes

Learn more about Dr. Hughes’ educational training and what he wants patients to take away from their treatment.

Meet Dr. Michael Hughes of Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine.

Talk about your educational background.

Dr. Hughes grew up in the St. Charles area and then moved to Columbia, MO, for 12 years for training. He also performed a fellowship at Washington University. He then moved to the Metro East to work with BJC Medical Group of Illinois (formerly known as Memorial Medical Group).

What led you to a career in medicine?

He dislocated his shoulder playing football in high school and ultimately needed surgery. Dr. Hughes eventually got back to activities he enjoyed doing. Now 15-20 years down the line, he is able to help patients with similar problems.

What can a patient expect when they first come to see you?

He tries his hardest to provide patients with information and options, so they can look things up on the Internet and make informed decisions. This allows patients to decide what is best for them.

What do you want your patients to take away from their treatment?

He hopes patients come away with a good functional outcome, and they are feeling better. More so, he wants patients to know that he and his team are in their corner and will help them out through all the bumps in the road they encounter.

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