Hip Replacement Surgery

Hip Replacement Surgery

Hip pain can become unbearable. If you’re thinking about surgery, the Memorial Orthopedic and Neurosciences Center’s orthopedic surgery team uses the latest technology to help you resume your active life.

When to Consider Surgery

The causes of hip pain can range from an injury to different types of arthritis; likewise, the extent of the pain can vary from patient to patient. 

Consider hip replacement surgery if you are experiencing:

  • Hip pain while resting
  • Inability to perform daily activities that include bending or walking
  • Stiffness
  • Pain even after taking pain relievers

Hip Surgeries

Hip replacement surgery can be performed as a minimally invasive or traditional surgery. Minimally invasive procedures have smaller incisions, shorter recovery times, and sometimes less pain associated with the surgery. 

During the surgery, the surgeon will remove the bad part of the hip and replace it with artificial joints made of plastic, metal, or ceramic materials. The recovery time will depend on the type of surgery you have, and the new hip may last up to 20 years. 

Talk to your orthopedic surgeon about the surgical treatment that will work best for your situation. After your surgery, the team at Memorial Orthopedic and Neurosciences Center will continue to take great care of you throughout your recovery. 

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