Day of Surgery

The Joint Replacement Center can prepare you for what to expect from the moment you arrive until you go home.

Before You Arrive

  • Do not use any lotions, deodorant, makeup, perfume or aftershave on the day of surgery.
  • Take only the medications that you were instructed to take the morning of your surgery with a sip of water.
  • Follow any additional instructions given to you by your orthopedic surgeon’s office.

Arriving and Checking In

Please check in at Outpatient Surgery located by the Serenity Garden between Medical Office Buildings A and B:

  • The surgical receptionist will notify your family/friends and Joint Coach when your surgery is completed.
  • After surgery, your orthopedic surgeon will meet with your family/friends and Joint Coach.
  • It is important that your family is in the waiting room when your surgery is completed so that your orthopedic surgeon can provide an update on your condition.

Right Before Surgery

  • Your preoperative room nurse will review your medications and health history with you and start an IV in your arm.
  • You will meet with your anesthesiologist to discuss the most appropriate anesthetic for you, as well as how to best manage your pain after surgery.
  • Your orthopedic surgeon will meet with you again to review the surgical plan and mark where the surgery will occur (hip or knee).
  • You will be given medication that will help you relax before going to the operating room.

During Your Surgery

  • Your surgical team will take excellent care of you, monitoring your breathing, heart rate and blood pressure throughout your surgery.
  • During your surgery, your family will be directed to the surgical waiting room, where they can check in with volunteers who will keep them informed of your progress.
  • Your family can also follow your progress on the tracking board in the waiting room.

Right After Surgery

  • You’ll wake up in the recovery room where you will spend a minimum of one hour.
  • Specially trained nurses and an anesthesiologist will monitor your breathing, heart rate, blood pressure and pain management.
  • When your recovery room team feels that you’re able to move to your room in the Joint Replacement Center, your team will notify your family to meet you there.