Sports Medicine and Athletic Training Testimonials

Sports Medicine and Athletic Training Testimonials

Athletes, parents, and coaches love Memorial Sports Medicine and Athletic Training!

Athletic Director

“Belleville East is proud to have Memorial Hospital as a partner in the care of its student athletes. Having our certified athletic trainer, Aaron Kremmel, available for practices and events has been one of the best moves we’ve made. He provides on-site access and preventative services for our athletes, which allows them to participate with the knowledge that they have the best care available. We look forward to our continued relationship with Memorial Hospital for years to come.”

—Belleville East High School’s Athletic Director, Mark Larsen

Assistant Athletic Director

It’s unbelievable the relationship between our athletic trainer and Dr. Hughes’ office. It’s not beyond where we have an athlete maybe who hurts himself on a Wednesday night at practice, and our trainer will call, make a text, and we have an appointment Thursday morning to get him to see Doc Hughes.”

—Belleville East High School’s Assistant Athletic Director & Assistant Football Coach, Todd Blomberg 



The relationship between Memorial Hospital and Belleville East athletics has been invaluable to our student athletes. Our coaches trust that the athletic training staff provided will do the best they can on behalf of the student to get them back as soon as possible. They also give peace of mind to our parents that the kids are cared for with the best possible accommodations.”

—Belleville East High School’s Head Football Coach, Kris Stephens 


“As parents we have been very happy with the partnership of Belleville East and Memorial Hospital when it comes to sports! All three of our kids have played sports at East and have needed medical attention for injuries, and we have felt confident in our athletic trainer’s (Aaron Kremmel) assessments and treatment along with the medical doctors at Memorial for additional care. I love that we have a connection in the community with a hospital for our athletes.”

—Belleville East High School Parents, Chuck and Tonia Whitehead